This privacy notice explains how NICE Ltd uses your personal information and
the ways in which NICE Ltd protects your privacy. This includes information
collected by letter, email, face to face, telephone or online.
NICE Ltd will never wilfully disclose individually identifiable information about
its clients, or any of their guests attending an event booked on behalf of their
clients, to any third party, without permission.
By using the services of NICE Ltd, you consent to accept this privacy notice and
allow information about you and your guests attending your events, but not
limited to: names, medical and dietary requirements, car registrations, flight
details, passport information, to be shared with hotels/suppliers you have
authorised NICE Ltd to contract on your behalf.

Personal data is information that can be used to help identify an individual, such as name,
address, phone number or email address.

You can ask the team at NICE Ltd to stop processing your personal data at any time. This may
delay or prevent the team delivering a service to you. The team will try to meet your request but
may be required to hold or process information to meet our legal duties.
You are entitled to request access to and a copy of any information NICE Ltd holds relevant to
you. If you find that this information is no longer accurate, you have the right to ask to have
this corrected.

NICE Ltd will only ever collect the information required in order to complete a contract with any
third party which has been requested and authorised by its clients and which will be signed on
behalf of its clients. It is the responsibility of our clients requesting our services to have gained
permission from the guests attending their events for their information to be passed on to NICE
Ltd and then to the third party NICE Ltd has been authorised to contract on your behalf.

In compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the 25th May 2018 NICE Ltd
will only send marketing information to people who have used the services of NICE Ltd prior to
25.05.18 or new clients that have agreed to NICE Ltd doing so via an opt-in process. The option
to opt-out of marketing communications will be available at all times. Email if you would like to opt out.


  • Fulfil your requests – such as booking a venue for an event, restaurant or
  • Process invoices, statements and remittance advices.
  • Provide you with information that is considered of interest to you via
  • email or telephone.
  • only collect information required for a specific purpose
  • keep it secure
  • ensure it is relevant and up to date
  • only hold as much as is required, and only for as long as it is required legally.
  • allow the subject of the information to see it on request.

NICE Ltd reviews its policy on a regular basis and every member of staff has been advised of
the following criteria:

Do I really need this information about an individual? Do I know what I’m going to use it for?
Am I satisfied the information is being held securely, whether it’s on paper or on computer?
Am I sure the personal information is accurate and up to date?
Do I delete/destroy personal information both electronic and paper as soon as I have no more need for it?
Do I remove any unnecessary personal details in spreadsheets before sending them from client
to venue?
Is access to personal information limited only to those with a strict need to know?

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Sell or share your information to other organisations to use for its own purposes. If you would
like further information about any of the details in this notice, please contact us by email: or telephone 01844 263950